Arachne Journal

Arachne was a periodical edition of the Hellenic Centre for Research and Conservation of Archaeological Textiles (ARTEX), first issued in 2003. Its main goal was to raise awareness on the existence of fragments of archaeological textiles in Greece and to serve as an instrument for the dissemination of the archaeological textile research in Greece and abroad. It was initially thought as the media for the publication of the studies of extant textiles by ARTEX, but it quickly welcomed diverse publications on ancient textiles (from the Bronze Age until the Roman era, studies on iconography, written texts, textile tools etc.). Arachne also hosts papers of students working on various facets of textile production and technology in Greece.


Although it was initiated as a Greek journal (in Greek), since the third issue, articles have been translated in English in order for it to reach a wider, international, audience and now it invites contributions written in Greek, English, French and German. Arachne invites any contribution about studies of new textile finds, textile tools and techniques, textile-related iconography, presentation of textile-related projects, new publications, book reviews, new PhDs, presentation of conferences and workshops with focus to Greek, but also the European region.

The last issue hosts the proceedings of two scientific workshops on Greek archaeological textiles. The editor of the last issues is Dr Sophia Vakirtzi. 


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