Workshop ARTEX 2016, ICOM Hellenic Committee.

Since its creation, one of ARTEX’ goals was to familiarise the public regarding the study of archaeological textiles, to promote the research results and to highlight the different facets of the archaeologist and conservator’s profession.

In order to achieve this, ARTEX has organised, and plans to continue organising different types of outreach activities, such as conferences, interactive workshops, and seminars.

At the same time, ARTEX collaborates with archaeological and museum institutions, such as Mentis of the Benaki Museum for the co-organisation of events, in order to increase the transfer of  knowledge of the field of archaeological textiles.


Past Events

The Fabric of Kings: Funerary textile remains from Mycenae and the early Mycenaean textile production.

We are thrilled to announce that ARTEX has embarked on a remarkable journey into the depths of the Mycenaean civilization as a vital partner in the FAROS project.

The Hellenic Centre for Research and Conservation for Archaeological Textiles ARTEX, with its new structure organized the scientific workshop ARTEX: Research and promotion of archaeological textiles in Greece on October 1, 2016 at the premises of

In 2009, ARTEX organised an interactive weaving workshop at the excavation site of Akrotiri, Santorini addressed to students, conservators and archaeologists working at the site.