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Artex Team.

Artex Team.

The ARTEX team is a team of student -volunteers which was created the September of 2016 on the occasion of the scientific workshop ARTEX: Study and Promotion of Greek archaeological textiles, which was organised the October of the same year at the ICOM Hellenic Committee.

The students who participate in ARTEX team have the opportunity to learn about the scientific fields of textile archaeology and cultural management. In addition, they are able to meet and come in contact with professionals of the field and better understand their field of study.

Meanwhile, they are the first to know about all the future ARTEX’ activities and express their interest for participating. Finally, the volunteers gain privileges, like special discounts and a personal page on our site,  in relation to the hours they have contributed.



29/9/16: During the meeting day, the students, after our tour of the area surrounding ICOM’s building where they learnt about the temple of Hephaistos and Athena Ergane, as well as the Jewish synagogues, they studied the architecture of the temple of Saints Asomati (Agioi Asomatoi). Afterwards, at the ICOM’s premises, they were informed about ARTEX, textile archaeology and the process of organizing a workshop and were given their duties.

1/10/16: During the day of the workshop, the students helped with the final preparations and were trained so they can staff all the different stations framing the workshop. They learnt to identify and describe the raw materials and dyestuffs, which were presented, they familiarized themselves with the books, our journal, Arachne, and the member application, which later they successfully explained to anyone interested in becoming a member.

Throughout the workshop, ARTEX team’s contribution was crucial, since they were not only providing information to the public, but they also undertook many responsibilities, from supporting the catering to photographing the event. Ultimately, they acquainted with one another and with the public and they had a great time, while, at the same time, they audited the workshop and gained new knowledge about the archaeological textiles and their study.

If you are a student and you are interested in joining the ARTEX team and the ARTEX’ volunteer database, you may send your CV  to the email address with the subject “ARTEX team - volunteer”. In charge of recruiting, organizing and coordinating the ARTEX team is Lia Andreakou.