Offer an Item

Offering an item is another crucial way of supporting ARTEX and its activities, empowering essentially its collections.

You may offer a book for ARTEX’ Library, which is housed at ARTEX’ offices, or an article (whose rights belong to you) for the Digital Library on our website. You may also donate textiles, raw materials or anything else concerning weaving and the textile archaeology research.

If you want to offer us an item, contact us via the email address or by telephone at the numbers 306946238663, 306971743438.


Many thanks for their offerings to:

Argyris Mountzouris , To Kannavi - Basket with hemp cords / Κannabishop - Cotton bags

Iris Tzachili, Ta Pragmata Editions - Books

Maria Grigoriou, artist -  Samples of dyestuffs