Book Cover, Spantidaki S. 2016 Textile Production in Classical Athens. Oxbow Books.

Spantidaki S. 2016 Textile Production in Classical Athens. Oxford, Oxbow Books, Ancient Textiles Series 27.

Older than any other ancient craft, textile technology is an instance of cognitive archaeology that provides vital information about society. In ancient Greece, textiles were considered among the principal and most fundamental cultural expressions. Athena, the goddess of the city, of intelligence and of skill was also the patron goddess of weaving. She taught the craft of textile production to women thus making them conduits of civilisation. During Classical times, textile production was a fundamental part of the economy and was practiced also by men in both the domestic and artisanal spheres. The resulting technological sophistication is reflected on depictions of discrete or elaborate patterns, on the rich diversity of textile implements and on the variety in the quality of the extant textiles.